September 29, 2009

Sneak Peek: C is for Cuteness!

First of all, do you see that smile in the first image? I have heard many people say that newborns can't smile, or that if they do, they don't mean it (must be gas or something?) Yeah, right! I get the privilege of working with lots of newborns, and I can tell you, they know how to smile! And they certainly do mean it! Baby C was a dream to work with, not to mention being such a handsome little fella! He gave us the gift of some smiles and wide eyes, and then got sleepy for some sweet moments at the end of our session. Thanks for sharing some of your first smiles with me, Baby C -- I know your Mom and Dad are going to be glad they have them captured to treasure for always! Congrats to this wonderful little family! It was a joy spending a sunny afternoon with you!

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