October 13, 2009

Beautiful Baby L {Seattle Newborn Photographer}

Isn't she lovely? What amazing hair! It was a pleasure to spend some time with sweet baby L and her parents (who are amazing themselves!) this past weekend. She was a great sport, and wore the newborn-sized tutu I just finished up with charm and grace. It was also touching to see how sweet the family's 17-year-old cat was with the new addition. (So, of course we tried a few with her included ;)

Congratulations to this beautiful baby girl's wonderful parents! If you can believe it after 5 weeks...it just keeps on getting better!

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M&M Kemp's said...

Wow...look at all that hair!!! Love them...and the posts below...with the rings on the toes...and the little girl's hands/peek-a-boo!