December 30, 2009

The Chair

While at my family's home in Bend, Oregon, over the holidays, I was requested to do a couple of mini-sessions. As I scanned the surroundings, I couldn't help but imagine this old, antique, chair that my mother has - so beautiful it is a statement of it's own - but set among the sage brush and pine trees, I thought: I've got to see this. Hence, the chair became the starting point for each session. (Thanks, mom, for letting me drag your beautiful chair outside!) The "test" was with my son, who needed an 18-month photo anyway. It was Christmas Eve and amazingly sunny and warm. A couple of days later, when I did my parents and my twin sister, the world was frozen over. Both were breathtaking! Take a peek!

Can you believe this lovely couple, my mom and dad, have raised 8 children and are now the grandparents of 12 (with 2 more on the way!)? I betcha couldn't guess their ages, either. Would it surprise you that this year my mom will be 60? It still surprises me. All I can say is: wow. What amazing people they are! I am so lucky they are mine! They haven't had a photo of themselves together in years. Hence, the request. It was fun photographing them...almost like an engaged couple, but with much more depth in their eyes when they look at one another.
My adorable son. Oh my, he is at such a hard age to photograph! I had to bribe him to stay seated in the chair with this lolly pop. He stayed a total of about 2 minutes. (He spotted the tire swing...and then the lolly pop was fully forgotten!) He is looking so big these days. Amazing that in a very few short weeks he will be a big brother!
My identical twin sister. I like to look at her and imagine what I will someday look like when this baby gets out of my belly :)
Isn't she lovely? She is the easiest model I've ever worked with! (It probably helps that she's naturally photogenic and has had experience modeling!)

Here are a few more of my favorites from the mini-sessions. The frosted world was beautiful...but SO COLD! The mini-sessions were very mini because of the freezing conditions! But I think we got some beauties! Mom, Dad, Tia (& Sawyer) - I truly hope you enjoy the photos, as much as I enjoy each of you!


allegra said...

tysha, these pics are gorgeous! i'm loving that chair and snow covered backdrop:) it's fun to see your twin sister... i thought it was you at first, before i read the commentary, and i was thinking "wow, she does not even look pregnant there!" then i remembered duh, you're hair is different... hmmm, that must not be you. looks like you had a great vacation. your family seems wonderful.

Erin said...

Ah Bend! :) G's family is there now. I still can't believe you are FROM there...

The pictures are SO pretty! I love all the sage brush with that chair. Good job!

I got my kids some suckers like that for their stockings, still haven't pulled them out. Don't worry, sawyer will get easier again. It is a crazy age for pictures! :)

Rachel and Jared said...

How fun!! They turned out great! Thanks for letting me know.

Jen said...

Beautiful! I love the first picture of mom and dad and the black and white one of Tia! Really nice.

M&M Kemp's said...

Whoa!!! Those turned our fantastic!!! I LOVE the chair idea...and Bruce and Terry look timeless!! Richard actually has an old green chair...not nearly as gorgeous as yours...but it has a lot of character...and I've been wanting to try something like that with it...thanks for the motivation!!! The pictures of you were awesome...I especially love the close up! I am dying to know how you upload your pictures...when is a good time?