December 9, 2009

Sneak Peek: Sisters {Seattle Baby & Child Photographer}

There is something very special about sisters. I suppose I should know, as I have 5 sisters myself (and can't forget my 2 brothers!) There is a special bond, for sure. These two sisters were so much fun...not to mention how absolutely beautiful they both are! The "big sister" played hide and seek with me, "read" me some books, we played with her "piggies" and sang my version of "This little piggie goes to Pike Place Market...", and, of course, we had some giggles when her Mom left the room and I actually let her get away with jumping on the bed. So fun! And her baby sister, despite fighting off a cold, was full of smiles and giggles. Thanks, girls (+ their Momma!) for a very fun morning. There's nothing better than playing with two adorable little girls while the sun dances in through the window!


Ana Evans said...

I am speechless! They are precious!! I love them all. Tysha you are a true talent. Your pictures will be displayed in our home for a lifetime. Thank you for capturng the innocence of our two little angels.

I cannot wait to see more. I am deeply touched and know my husband will feel the same.
Thank you again

Megan said...

I love these photos of Ana's beautiful girls!! You are such a wonderful photographer. I have no idea how you two connected but I love small world connections and I love that two Central Oregonians connected in Seattle!!

xo xo,

Megan Blodgett

Tysha said...

Ana- I am so so glad you love them. You are very very welcome.
Megan- Ana found me through a mutual acquaintence, someone who goes to her church, and who married one of my buddies from high school. I didn't know you knew each other! Small world, eh? Very cool. With any luck, maybe one day I'll get to meet you and your adorable boy! I am thinking if I can round up a few clients I may take a week and come do some shoots in Central Oregon this summer...