January 8, 2010

Class Pictures Never Looked So Good!

I was recently asked to work on a "Special Project" for a school in the area. They asked if I would take class pictures of the 3 preschool classes (3, 4, and 5 year olds), and make them creative, as they would be sold in the school's annual fund-raising auction. I was flattered and excited about the opportunity! Here are the finals for each class. I printed them on Fine Art Paper to add that much more individuality to these little works of art. I know my preschool class pictures never looked so good! Enjoy!

Here are a few of the out-takes. I love how kids at this age just let their personality and individuality shine so brightly!

Today, I received a stack of "thank you" cards made by the kids. Thanks kiddos! It was a pleasure to take your class pictures! I hope they auction off well and boost your school's funds beyond expectations!

*update 3/15: I heard from an official source from the school that the 3 prints brought in $1200! Awesome!

PS ~ this is officially my last post for a while. I am now on "maternity leave" as I uncomfortably yet joyfully wait for the birth of our second child. I'll be sure to post an introduction to our newest family member...and then after a little recovery time, I'll be back in action this Spring, ready for whoever is next! Feel free to email me if you want a Spring Session! A few are already booked, and it's a glorious time for photos (think pink and white blossoms!) Thanks to my clients for all their understanding and support during this last part of my pregnancy!


Lisa H. said...

Tysha, you are truly so talented!

Dan said...

take it easy and enjoy the time off!
Nice class photos!