June 4, 2010

An Announcement!

First Birth Announcement Design:
"Aspen" 5x7, pearl paper.
top: front of card
bottom: back of card

Well, I've waited long enough. I was hoping to announce this exciting new part of LRW Photography a couple of months ago, but turns out that having two kids under two did slow me down (at least a little!). So...

Custom Birth Announcements soon to be available!

I must admit, I am proud of my first design job - I designed our daughter's Birth Announcement (above). Why do I admit it? Because my husband is a highly sought-after Graphic Designer and I have a lot to live up to with him looking over my shoulder. Actually, he is such an amazing and supportive guy (not to mention talented!), he has decided to let me *hire* him to design the rest! The one I did is a small example of several others that will soon be available to customize for your tiny ones. I can't tell you how excited I am to offer this to my clients! The designs will be simple, fresh, and contemporary. How's that?

I am so excited to show off the other designs. For now...they're still in the works. More to come! More to come!

PS: I also just created a variety of new Packages - where you receive a discount of at least 10% - check them out on my main site under "rates".

Happy Friday!

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