June 22, 2010

Photo Tip: Photograph your Loved Ones, Young and Old

First, a heartfelt thanks to several of my clients for being flexible and understanding when I had to reschedule a couple of sessions due to the passing of my dear Grandmother this past week.

Second, just a reminder of how important it is to photograph your loved ones. The image above is two days before my Grandmother died. I hesitated in bringing my camera into the hospital, but if I would've left it in the car, I wouldn't have this image to savor: Grandmother meeting Great-granddaughter, and the sweet kisses she gave my daughter before she passed on.

Below, is a portrait I took a year ago of my Grandmother on her 90th birthday. It's easy to spend a lot of the memory on our memory cards on the fresh and adorable faces of our newborns and babies, but do we always remember to capture the faces of the other ones we love so dearly? Be it husbands, Grandparents, or other friends and families, I would encourage everyone to make sure to snap a few of the ones they love. I promise you those images will help you remember treasured people and treasured times during your life and especially when the time comes that they are no longer with you.

Thanks again for the understanding, support, and well wishes from clients and friends. Now go photograph your Grandma! Or ask me to, and I will gladly do it!

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