July 29, 2010

My Gerber Baby

Over the weekend, my daughter had her first taste of "solid" food. Rice cereal, anyone? Her big brother thought he wanted some, but after a little taste, he declared "I don't yike it" (I just love how he pronounces the "l" with a Spanish accent!) Since I have been her go-to girl when it comes to meals for the past almost-six-months, we let Daddy do the honors.

(of course, I made a special bib for the occasion)

It was a hit! She downed the rice cereal like a champ and there has been no stopping her since. We've added a new food every couple days and she isn't picky. I guess she's just like her mom...just plain loves food. Now it's time for me to break out the strainer and the blender and make a bunch of good ole' homemade babyfood! Anyone want to make a party of it?

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