August 17, 2010

And the winner is...

Oops. I left on vacation thinking I'd come home to find at least a handful of people who were excited about winning a cute headband, only to find that something was wrong with my blog and no one could even "enter" because they couldn't leave a comment!

I am SO sorry! What kind of person hosts a give-away and then makes it impossible to win? Me, I guess. That's what happens when you are trying to refresh your blog and you push buttons not knowing what it might change. Anyway...the good news, if anyone is patient enough to try again: the giveaway is now extended...

Leave your comment to enter by Thursday, August 19th, by midnight. Winner will be drawn and announced on Friday, the 20th!

I had to add a picture, because every post on a photoblog needs one. This just happens to be my daughter at a wedding we attended recently, showing off her version of the headband up for grabs. Cute, huh?

Thanks for your patience! Comment away!


{Amanda G} said...

Okay, thought it was ony end! I've been trying for days to make a comment! Please oh please pick me! Although summer isn't my favorite season, I do love it because that means fall is coming soon! Please pick me!!!

allegra said...

i am going to leave some comment love even though i want you to give the headband to someone more deserving. ! haha. (we all know ruby has a plethora of headbands...) so don't pick me but i had to say it's so fun to read the tutorial to see how different people make that kind of rosette. when doing some for ruby's newborn photos, i did them a totally different way so it's fun and interesting to see varying methods! aspen looks so cute in it. aaah, girls are much too much fun, eh? :)

i love that amanda found your blog. she is a sweetie!!!

allegra said...

p.s. i should probably email this rather than blog it, but i'm already on here... so this is faster...friday might be a no go for swimming b/c i forgot i have a dentist apt. for fillings in the late afternoon. hmmm. swimming vs. fillings. i'll be dreaming of the fun you'll be having while i sit in the awful dentist chair.:)

melinda marie said...

me, me, me! i want to win and give the headband to baby ELLE!
so good to see you, tysha denaenae and meet your precious family!
love you,
melinda melaiya