August 20, 2010

California Dreamin'

I was just going through my "loot" of images from our California Trip (we tagged on a few days besides the wedding to make a vacation out of the trip) - and I found these. Those of you who know me well, know that I live for summer. I live for the beach. I just do. I think in another life I must have been Hawaiian. Or Canarian. Or, at least, Californian.

The past few days I have been pouting because I feel like this summer we got robbed of true summer here in Seattle. It's been oddly chilly in the mornings, and just not typical. Not that it ever gets raging hot here...but it's usually just perfect. So I pout. But a girl can dream, too, right? So these images are what I dream of. Lucky me, my dream was real for the few days we were staying just steps away from the beach on our California trip. Maybe, just maybe, one day we'll return. And stay.

Either way, I hope someone out there enjoys these images as much as I do!

Happy Friday!

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