September 24, 2010

diy Friday: Learning to Fly

Okay, Okay. Admittedly, I can't show you how to fly (as in stay in the air for any real length of time or cancel your airline miles program because you can get there yourself...) This post is just to keep with the recent tradition of a diy Friday post, and just for, well, f-u-n.

Well, then. If you're a thrill-seeker, I can show you how to fly - enough to get a small adrenaline rush, (maybe). More like, my 2-year-old can model how to fly, in his words, "like an Eagle." Take a look...


A daring little boy or girl (or a daring big boy or girl ;)
An object to jump from (ie. a small bed, or a bucket, etc)
Someplace (relatively) soft, and safe, to land. (carpet is a good choice)

Step 1: Situate yourself on the ledge or top of the object. In this example, a toddler bed.

Step 2: Jump!

(watch where you're flying so not to land on any legos, trains, or puzzle pieces)

Step 3: Land on your feet. If you have sturdy object nearby, as in perhaps, a wall, feel free to use it as an aide for a perfect "10" landing.

Step 4: Repeat until your Mother makes you stop, or it's time for dinner.

*please note this exercise is especially exhilarating if you leave the window open for fresh air and if there is sunshine pouring into the room. Oh, and if you decide to spin your body mid-air, it's flying like a "skateboard" and not just an eagle. So says my son :)

Happy Friday, friends!

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allegra said...

SO cute! i love this post. i love the wide angle:) am i smelling a little 24-70 mm love? looks great!! do you love "her?" she's my best bud. my 'go-to' lens. you'll fall head over heels in no time.

p.s. the bird mobile looks great! so modern and fresh. love it!