September 17, 2010

diy Friday: Pretty Baby Legs

Ruffles are in. Rosettes are in. Are you tired of them yet? I'm not...hence todays little diy project: make your own pretty little baby legs (leg warmers).

I bought some knee high socks at Target at while back ($2/each)...thinking, 'wow these are just about the perfect size for baby leg warmers...I think I'll try to make some'. I already have some. Or I should say, my daughter already has some. My son even has some. The original BabyLegs were made right here in Seattle. But they are about $12 a pair and I found I could customize mine for about $3 a pair + the fun & challenge of making them and that good 'pat-yourself-on-the-back' feeling that comes from creating something, well, pretty. (and don't forget's getting chilly out!)

Here goes... (please keep in mind I totally just made this up as I went along and hoped for the best. I'm sure someone or several people out there can think of ways to do the ruffles better or more easily...but this is what I came up with - please share a link if you try this and find a better process to do ruffles!)

knee length socks (old or new!)
about 1/6 yard knit fabric - 1 or more color
needle and thread and/or sewing machine
and a little dose of patience (always necessary when trying a new project!)

Step 1: Cut the feet off the knee high socks.
Step 2: Roll the cut parts over (this will happen quite naturally which is something that is nice about knit.) You could just leave them this way, if you'd like, or just put a small stitch in each side to hold them in place.

Step 3: Make the ruffles. I just used some knit material I had on hand and cut it about two inches across and then about double the length of the socks.

You can do this by machine or by hand: Make 2 long stitches through the center of the fabric.
Then, pull either the top or bottom thread (you'll soon see which one) until the fabric starts to ravel up into ruffles. Do this until the fabric is ruffled and arranged to just a tad longer than the length of the socks. Leave the threads hanging a little long, in case you lose any of your ruffle.

Step 4: Attach the ruffles to the socks. First, fold over that little roll we saw earlier and you can sew (by machine or hand) the ruffle right onto the roll/sock. Make sure to stitch across the ends to keep the ruffle threads in place and keep the ruffles. Does that make sense?

The machine can help make sure the ruffles will stay put.

Step 5: Unless you want to cut the socks apart to sew along the whole line of ruffle...just do a few little stitches by hand here and there along the ruffle to keep it in place. As you see below, the ruffle is attached at the top and bottom, but the middle just needs to be kept in place. I think I sewed the "here" spots onto the sock with just a couple of little stitches. Again, does this make sense? If anyone has trouble please email me and I will try to clarify ;)
And wah la! Pretty Baby Legs!

For the Rosettes, I just took a little knit and made leaves, which I stitched onto the sock, and then made a rosette like the ones in the Baby Headband Tutorial but by hand sewing the rosette rather than gluing it. Then, I stitched it onto the leaves on the sock. Easy peasy. Presto!

These two projects took about 2 hours - the time my kids were napping this afternoon. I am going to try some more later - I still have 3 pair of socks to make into Pretty Baby Legs! I think I might get more funky with a couple of them...

These would be a great gift, too!

Overall, these were pretty easy and lots of fun to make! I am happy with how they turned out. I think for washing, probably on gentle in the washer would be fine.

I know I am biased, but doesn't my little model have cute little chunky legs? I sure think so!
I found that these "homemade" baby legs actually fit her chubby legs better than the originals!

Happy Friday All! Drop me a note and link back some love if anyone decides to try these out! I'd love to hear how it goes and see how they turn out!


allegra said...

hmmm.... the ruffle baby legs look similar to the ones i've been making for Ruby!:) :) haha

you silly girl. just when i say i'll make aspen some like Ruby's you make them yourself. you crack me up. in fact i was just going to email you asking what color you'd think Aspen would go for, then I saw your post!

i love how they turned out! and that really is a genius idea with cutting off the ends of the sock...i might have to try that when i add them to my etsy shop!

beautiful girly sporting them! she's just darling. i can't wait to see her on monday!

Emily Burnette said...

so so so darling! i can't wait to try this out (now i just need to have a little girl someday). in the meantime, i'll make lots of baby shower gifts! thanks for the tutorial :)

Confessions of a Multitasking Momma said...

I love the ruffle idea; wonder if I can tackle; i started making my then 2 year old daughter baby legs last year, and now she is three and she loves her "socks"; fixing to make her some Halloween baby legs. I just noticed you do yours just a tad different than I do. I cut above the heel as you do but then I cut below the heel and at the toes ~ this material in between makes a cuff for the bottome of the legs.

Again, I love those ruffles, gotta try. :) thanks for sharing.

V said...

I love these! So cute! Did you make the rose on the gray ones? I love, love, love those ones and would love to know how you made the rose!