September 7, 2010

Enough for Two Baseball Teams...

Over the weekend, I photographed a family of SEVENTEEN people. At that, a handful were missing. In this immediate family, there are 12 children. (like I mentioned, there were 3 that weren't here...) Add in a couple of spouses and a sprinking of grandbabies to top it off and this family has enough for two baseball teams! The majority were visiting from the Midwest and it was a treat to see them all excited to be at the beach. Not all of them love getting their picture taken - or displayed, so I'm sorry you don't get to see the whole bunch of them. But here are a few - mostly of the youngest ones, to give them a peek from our session. Hope you all enjoyed your visit to the Great Pacific Northwest!

*I am laughing at this last one. Such a little goofball! Eating sand? I guess every kid does it at least a few times! The look on his face is quite priceless! Mud pie, anyone?

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