September 20, 2010

My Own on Monday: So hungry, So tired

Babies can sleep in the strangest of situations. A couple of weeks back I was getting lunch ready for my toddler and new-to-solid-food baby. I heard her start "singing" to herself (this sort of humming thing she does when she's tired) and by the time I mixed up her rice cereal she was out. Poor baby. So hungry, but more tired than hungry, it seemed.

Doesn't she just look perfect to cuddle up to? I sure think so. After I captured the moment to remember, I scooped her up ever so gently and cuddled her back to dreamland and a nice two-hour nap. So sweet. I just adore her! Seeing her fall asleep at her high chair made me think, sometimes we just need to slow down a bit. Or maybe that's just me?

Happy Monday, friends!

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Emily Burnette said...

she is such an angel baby in this photo! so peaceful and beautiful :) doesn't it just melt your heart when they fall asleep in their highchairs?! something about it is so tender! sorry to hear that you guys were under the weather, but glad to see you're feeling better! hope to see you again soon :)