September 9, 2010

News: Availability Update

I am sad that summer is leaving us. Oh-so-sad.
{Summer is my favorite season}


I have to admit that I like that crisp little feeling in the air. I like that some of the leaves are starting to show signs that they are ready to brighten up their hues. I like the feeling of bundling up in a sweater after my morning swim. I like that jeans are extremely comfortable with flip-flops. And I admit I am looking forward to the warmth, albeit a different kind of warmth, that the autumn and winter bring.

Farewell, summer. You will be missed. But we must say good-bye before we say hello again, is that not so? So go - get out of here! I'll be anxiously waiting for your return...

NEWS: I am now fully booked through the end of the year. I will not be taking on any more sessions until next Spring*. This has been a wonderful year and full season, and I thank every one of my clients for the good times and great moments we captured this year. I am looking forward to seeing some familiar and some new faces this fall...and then let's all hibernate a bit and enjoy the way the cooler months naturally slow things down and beckon us indoors to spend more time with those we love.

Please contact me anytime after the first of the year to book sessions for 2011. In the meantime...Hello Autumn!

*note*I will take on a few newborn sessions during the winter months if you inquire - family photos can wait for nicer weather, but newborns change so fast we need to capture them quick!

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