October 22, 2010

DIY Friday: Cool Boy Star Shirt

Remember this post? It was the teaser for this project. I had already made the onesie when my little son begged me to make him a special shirt. I also made a couple of t-shirts as birthday gifts, and when he saw the "star shirts" he knew he just had to have one (he also wanted the cool motorcycle toys that went in the packages as well...oh, sometimes it's hard when you're two!)

So, I thought I might as well share this simple, easy, fun crafting idea.

Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint
X-acto Knife or scissors
Graphic Stars (or other Graphic) (I downloaded a free font from dafont.com get the star font here. They also have a really fun animal font)

Step 1: Print out your graphic.
Step 2: Trace graphic on freezer paper (NOT the waxy side)
*a note about freezer paper: it is NOT the same as wax paper, as it is waxy on only one side. You can find it in most grocery stores - I found mine at Safeway, but didn't find it (surprisingly) at Target*

Step 3: Cut out graphics, saving all pieces.

Step 4: Iron graphics onto shirt (remember, waxy side down)

Step 5: Paint away! I used a blow-dryer to quick-dry the paint a little bit and then I did another coat of paint, since I was painting white onto a dark fabric.

Step 6: Let it dry for a few hours, preferably overnight.

Step 7: Heat-set the paint by pressing an iron down on the graphic for a few seconds.

Step 8: Present Star Shirt and get a great big smile from a very happy boy!


Back to the teaser...

I got the idea for this onesie from the FABULOUS Ashley Ann. I had seen it back when she originally posted it earlier this year, and as I planned my daughter's Halloween Costume, I thought it would be the perfect thing to go with her pink poodle skirt. Following Ashely's advice after washing a few times, I decided to do it with Freezer Paper Stenciling. I also just painted on the dots. I am excited to get my girl dressed up for her first Halloween!

ps- I just googled images for cat eye glasses and then sized them to my liking.

Leave me some link love if anyone tries something out with fp stenciling! I'm thinking of trying it on a decorative pillow next...

*thanks to pugly pixels for the sweet overlay up top!*

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