October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween from LRW Photography!

I always have waaaaaay too much fun with their costumes. Well, this is my first year with two...so I had to come up with some sort of theme, right? There's not going to be too many years where they'll be happy with me choosing their costumes, so I had to run with it. I get these big ideas in my head and then drive myself nuts until I get the image in my head into my camera's memory card.

Cute, though - right?
(Humility out the window)


Happy Halloween!

PS: Thanks to the staff and patrons at Johnny Rockets at University Village for allowing me to get a little "trigger happy" during business hours (don't you worry, I got permission first). BTW - do you know they now serve breakfast at Johnny Rockets? (yep, and they usually don't serve chocolate milkshakes at 10am, but our server was so awesome, she made one up just to indulge me in all my picture-taking insanity ;) Thanks!


Sara Jean said...

Adorable!!!! Yours kiddos are super duper cute! I love this idea and going to Johnny Rockets for milkshakes was ingenious. You are such a good mama and photographer, Tysha.

allegra said...

SOO so cute! Aah, I'm in love. I like how in that first picture, Sawyer's arms are skinnier than Aspens. haha. She is such a chunkalicious babe:) And the setting couldn't have been more perfect to execute the costumes to the Max. Made for darling pics! Happy Halloween Carter kids!

Danielle said...

Ridiculous cuteness. :) Love that poodle skirt. (and I'm totally stealing your cat-eye glasses onesie idea for my two baby nieces.)

kerri said...

Love it!!

Tia Marie said...

Haha, I called you yesterday. And your super awesome husband was making you pumpkin waffles while you were in the shower to go to a photo shoot, apparently with Aspen and Sawyer!!! I want your life . Your images make so many people happy, keep up the great work sis! (ps - I still think Aspen looks so much like me..)