October 18, 2010

Mine on Monday: The Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we visited The Pumpkin Patch, located on Sauvie Island, near Portland, Oregon. It was a magical place! We only had a couple of hours there, as we had to make the drive back to Seattle that evening, but oh, how I wish we had all day to spend there! I think my son would have agreed - he was in pumpkin heaven out in the fields! He rolled pumpkins around and stood, open-mouthed in awe and excitement, as he watched the tractors pulling the hayriders around the farm. The fresh farm market was amazing, too!

If you don't live near Portland, but are looking for a great Pumpkin Patch to visit near Seattle, our family recommends Carleton Farm - our usual place to prowl for pumpkins.

Wherever you find your perfect pumpkin - I sure hope you enjoy! Get a little muddy and maybe even a little chilly in the crisp autumn air, then find yourself some fresh, warm, spiced apple cider to warm up! It's divine! (and if you've never tried spiced cider a la mode - I highly recommend it!)

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