October 8, 2010

Off to School...

My son (above, with the rather serious "don't disturb my dump truck fun" face) recently began attending Pre-school. This past week I had the pleasure of chasing around with the kids on the playground to snap some pictures for a couple of classroom projects we will be working on. I must say, this is one super fun - not to mention adorable - class!

I also must admit that I think I am enjoying being in class just as much as my son - although I think the dress-up and play kitchen/house area is super fun and he tends to gravitate towards the cars and trucks...constantly :)

Here's a wish for a fun and smooth school-year for all who have recently gone back to school (or for those who have just started for the first time)!

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allegra said...

these are incredible! love 'em. i especially love that boy in the last picture:)