October 26, 2010

Sneak Peek this Week #2: Little Boys in Ballard

Second sneak this week! Yes, Saturday was a busy one - first at the beach, and then in Ballard at the Locks dodging the rain! Luckily, this family (who had to reschedule once already because of the weather) just rolled with it. We waited for a little dry spell and looked for "natural" umbrellas. Their 3 year old was super excited to spend a little time looking for Coho and walking along the train tracks. This was my 3rd year in a row capturing this family and it has been fun to see their sons grow. This year (despite the weather) was probably the easiest yet - and the eldest boy I think remembers what I do now. He was ready to ham it up a bit, even :)

I really love that first shot. Mom requested that shot, as she has an old photograph of her and her daddy there when she was a little girl. (I'd love to see it sometime!) I hope it will be a treasure to her ;)

Thanks, "A" family - for being such good sports. I guess 3 of you are natives of Seattle, so you've learned to roll with the rain ;) It's such an honor each year to photograph you all *gush*. I just have the best clients!

ps- to the boys' mommy...we will get together for that dreamy James Dean shot...just name the day!

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