November 15, 2010

Mine on Monday: Rewind

I could stare at this image forever.
This is my daughter when she was all of 3 days old.

I truly do love that my daughter is now cruising around furniture and tried her first graham crackers this afternoon. I love that she's still cuddly, and that she lights up at the sight of me. And her giggle just kills me!

But...every now and then I look back through her photographs and I wish I could have a moment to just hold her newborn little self again. I know I repeat myself over and over again by always commenting on how quickly babies grow up...too quickly...but that's only because it's true. Yes, we enjoy them at each stage and it's amazing to watch their growth and development...but I don't think I'm the only one who occasionally finds nostalgia in olds photos. In my case, a 9 month old photo...not even old! If I'm like this now, heaven help me in a few years or when my babies head off to college! Yikes!

May each of you also find comfort in a small moment, in an image that "takes you back"...(it's okay to be sappy now and then :) After all, isn't that why we photograph all of those little moments we want to remember?

Happy Monday, friends!

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