November 8, 2010

Sneak Peek: Sending Fall Colors to the Philippines

It was so much fun to spend a little time with the "H" family Saturday morning (before it started pouring, mind you - we got lucky!) I have been friends with Karl since our good 'ole college days. It was so suiting that they decided the perfect location for their family session was on UW campus. They want to send some updated photos of their lovely family to Sheila's family, who live in the Philippines. They don't really have "seasons" there, and especially not the striking fall colors. UW Campus is beautiful in every season, but wow were the leaves ablaze with color!

Thanks, Karl & Sheila, and your two CUTE boys, for the morning on campus. It's always fun to see you!

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allegra said...

oh my. love those fall colors!! i need to walk around UW campus one of these days. I've always driven by many times but never by foot:) And ironic thing is I live 5 minutes away. haha