November 1, 2010

Sneak Peek this Week #1: Sweet Baby James

I think they've been playing a lot of James Taylor around this house lately...with such a sweet, handsome, baby James being added to the family :) I always feel so honored to capture some of the first sweet moments of brand new babies, it is such a special time. This little man was all of 6 days old here. No sooner did we finish our session and he was already out and about - out with his big sis to watch his older bro in his preschool play. They say there's something special about the first...but really, there is something special about the first...and the second...and now, the third.

Welcome to this world, sweet James. Thanks for sharing your bright eyes, tiny fingers and toes, and fun little newborn squeaks with me - and for being such a great big blessing to your family.

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