December 17, 2010

DIY Friday: Holiday Card Display

I have seen a lot of fun ways to display holiday cards this year, and wanted to try one of my own. Here is an easy way to display your holiday cards this season. My two-year-old son and I did this together while my daughter was taking her morning nap - which means it took less than an hour to do (and that, with a two-year-old "helping" out).


-clothes pins (I found mine at Target - had to ask around before we could locate them, as I don't think that many people hang their clothes out to dry these days...they had some mini ones at JoAnns which I am saving for another project, so these are the normal size.)
-Mod Podge (for gluing and finishing)
-pencil (for tracing)
-Paint brush (for gluing and finishing)
-scissors or xacto knife (for cutting)
-paper of choice (I chose a couple of scrapbooking papers. but you could use anything)
-twine or ribbon

Step 1: Trace a clothes pin on the wrong side of the paper. trace liberally, as you'll want to cover the front of the clothes pin. I used my ruler and then made a whole row after I traced the initial clothes pin.

Step 2: Cut the strips of paper.

Step 3: Paint mod podge onto the clothes pin.

Step 4: Place the paper cut-out on the clothes pin. Set aside to dry. Repeat process for as many clothes pins as you'd like to do - we did 30. If you're very popular and have lots and lots of friends who send you Holiday cards, you might want to do 50 or more ;)

Step 5: The mod podge dries pretty quickly. Once it is mostly dry, go ahead and paint a top coat of mod podge onto the top of the paper. I have the mod podge with the glossy finish (you can get it in matte, as well). It may look white-ish for a moment, but once it dries it will be clear and give a nice, somewhat protective finish to your paper.

Step 6: Find a location around your home where you'd like to make the display. At first, I did our stairwell but then realized we needed more room and the angle wasn't quite what I wanted. So I took twine and tied it on the sides of our blinds, and there began hanging up our cards as we've received them. Last year, I hung a pretty ribbon from the wall vertically and pinned them down that way. Either way, it is a simple way to display the lovely faces and well-wishes of family and friends during the season.

Besides a couple of high fevers and sick kids for a few days, I have been loving the season. I hope all of you are, too! I have two more client sessions before the year is's been a marvelous year! Thanks to all who stop by this little blog o' mine from time to time. Merry Christmas!


Sara Jean said...

Tysha, you have the most adorable ideas. Seriously! I love your personal touch with everything you do.

Mod Podge Amy said...

So fun! I love it that the kids help!

bridy said...

simple and easy. I love this idea! oh yes, and cheap to make too. Thank you for sharing!