December 21, 2010

Sneak Peek: Mr. Funk & his Baby Blues

his Grandmother knit him this beautiful little sweater


his Auntie brought him this darling outfit from France

(but his Daddy gave him those awesome baby blues!)

and his Mommy...well, honestly, who can top Mommy in the giving department?

This darling little man came all the way from Colorado for his session - well, also to visit his dear NW family for the holidays. I went to High School with his Mommy (& Aunt = they're identical twins!) and it was so much fun to have a mini-reunion-of-sorts after FIFTEEN years (okay, I guess I'm old now. It makes me feel old to remember something that happened that long ago! Like High School Graduation!) We all agreed, however, that we looked the same as we did in High School. (maybe even better ;)

To the Funk Family: You have one very handsome little man! Thank you so much for letting me capture him. It was a treat. And SO very good to see you again. Let's not wait 15 years again before our next visit :)


Tia Marie said...

Elliot is so amazingly adorable! Wish I could have joined you girls for the reunion!!! xo

allegra said...

he is SO so cute! i think i want a boy for out next baby:) (no that's not an announcement.) haha!