January 17, 2011

Mine on Monday: Spinning

I am finally back! It has been nice taking a little "breather" and enjoying just being with my family these past few weeks. We took a much appreciated little vacay to Orlando, Florida and enjoyed some pleasantly warm weather and sunshine (I always crave sunshine and flip flops about this time of the year!)

Here is an image I took while boarding the Mad Tea Party ride at the Magic Kingdom. Don't you love those big eyes, seeming to say: "okay, Momma, what's this one going to do?" My little man was such a good sport, stepping beyond his comfort zone (he covered his eyes for half of The Haunted Mansion ride but by the end kept saying "I really like - he pronounces it "yike" - those dancing ghosts!" )on more than one occasion to indulge his parents during our visit to the park.

Well, my world is still spinning just a little bit as I'm planning my daughter's first birthday party! I can't believe she's about to turn one! Crazy how fast the time goes! So, I'm busy busy as usual. And excited that I have two newborns on the agenda for next month! I will be announcing availability dates next month - so stay tuned! In the meantime...back to party planning!

Happy Monday, friends!

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