January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolves: More or Less

Does anyone out there make resolutions for the New Year? Silly question, I suppose. This year, on New Year's Eve, while we could hear neighbors on both sides of us enjoying guests and parties to ring in the New Year, I laid on the couch with the sniffles (darn cold!) while the hubs made me some mint tea. Then, we sat and talked about ideas, hopes, and goals for the New Year. I suppose you could call them resolutions, or resolves, to do a little better here, or try something different there, or omit something that doesn't seem to work well. I have actually been thinking about some of them for a long while. Trying to figure out how to realistically incorporate them into my overall theme for this year: Presently Simplify and Enjoy.

We had a nice little "date" on the couch, drinking tea and talking. It was a peaceful way to ring in the new year. We got out our fancy goblets and toasted with some martinelli's once we heard the fireworks going off. Here I will share just a few of the things I have been thinking about - some of the things I would like to have more of, and others, less of, as this new year rolls along.

There will be some new happenings with Little Red Wagon Photography as well. It may take me a while to get them rollin'...but soon enough, they will roll along right with us. Here's an official "Happy New Year" to all my readers, and may you have less of what you don't need in the year to come, and more of what your heart desires :)


Patience - with myself, and my family (especially my two year old)
Green - time outside, as well as mindfulness in caring for our Earth
Reading - something I've hardly done since becoming a mommy - reinstate this bedtime ritual
Exercise - don't let that gym membership go to waste! put it on the calendar and treat it as important an appointment as anything else on the list - make it a habit again.
One on One - time with each of my children - and their Daddy.


Stress - work for a better life balance
Late Late Nights - going to bed before midnight is not a sin
on my "To Do" list - learn to focus on the essentials and not worry about the rest
Excuses - adjust my attitude when appropriate - see the sun behind the cloudy days
New Projects - enough already. Finish the projects I already have on the list before thinking of anything else!

ps- sorry no picture for this post. Just let your mind wander to create a picture of what you need or don't need in your life this year ;)

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