February 11, 2011

Little Photog Man

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing on a daily basis - be it dishes, laundry, playing legos with my kids, or maybe (just maybe) snapping a few pictures of them doing random things to remember the small and simple moments that make childhood magical - and I forget how much they are watching.

They are watching, carefully, noticing how I do each of these seemingly small, sometimes very mundane, tasks. They are watching to see how I do things, so someday they will know how. So, hopefully I am doing things *right* most of the time, at least. Well, the other day, I had my camera out, and my son kept wanting to play with it. "Sorry, son, but Annie is off-limits". (Annie is my camera's name). He looked disappointed, so I instead handed him the Holga I keep in the top of my backpack. (If he happened to break it, $50 to replace it is nothing compared to what Annie is worth.)

And look what happened.

He pretended to take pictures. He said "I am like you, Mommy."

He is watching. Carefully watching.

It is the biggest and most important job I have to be his model. I hope I'm doing okay, since usually I am better behind the camera than in front of it ;) I guess the nice thing about photography, and life, in many ways, is that if you don't like how something is looking, you can always adjust your angle.

Here's to my son, who looks to me to be an example. Hopefully he won't have to change his angle too often while focusing in my direction. And here's to me - hoping to be the best I can for his good. May we love the pictures we take and make together, and tuck them away as good times growing up. Both of us :)

Oh, and Happy Friday!


AO said...

This is SO true. SO many times I have caught Collin wanting to do the "mundane" things I do, although my camera is nothing compared to yours :)

allegra said...

" I am like you mommy." That is so cute, Tysha. He is such a handsome little man... and in a handsome little shirt, too.

It really is kind of scary how much they pick up on. On the way to church the other day, I was putting on some lip gloss. Max saw me and said "can I have some, too?" I said "only girls wear this." And he cried for some. Pick your battles, right? So he walked into church with some shiny pink lips that day. Eh, whatever:)

I'm glad Sawyer isn't requesting the makeup... yet. Stick to the cameras buddy.