March 6, 2011

hello world! {meet baby owen}

I had the best time on Saturday.

The sun was shining, the weather was warming (finally - fingers crossed!)

and I got to spend a couple of hours with this handsome little man and his proud parents.

world, meet Owen.

okay, the above image is one of my FAVE ever...look at that sneaky little smile!

I must mention, too, that Owen's daddy is a fire-fighter (fireman? I'm not sure what the official "pc" term is these days...) and that amazingly awesome quilt was made by the wife of one of his co-workers. I hope I got that right? Anyway...LOVE! What a colorful, fun blankie! The firetruck theme in this little man's room is meaningful. He will be one lucky boy when he gets bigger - I bet his Dad will let him come check out the BIG red engines anytime. Sweet!

again, I just love seeing new parents with their sweet new babies.

it's such a great combination of "we're new at this and not totally sure of what we're doing" but at the same time "we love you so much we will do anything in the world for you."

Thanks so much, handsome Owen, for being such a good sport (he slept through the entire session). You are a lucky boy. Thanks and again congrats to Owen's Mom and Dad! May the fun begin!

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