July 7, 2011

{Sneak Peek} The Flanders Family

I was fortunate to spend some time in Bend, Oregon, visiting with family over Independence Day Weekend. Part of my "family" in Bend extends across the field and into the home of our long-time friends and neighbors, The Flanders. I have known them forever, it seems - and it makes me feel a tad bit old to realize I babysat their kiddos and now they are both High School Graduates! :)

It was such an honor to capture a bit of this amazing and wonderful family. This couple has been so inspiring to me in my life, and helped guide me during some tender and formative years - always encouraging good choices and quietly showing by example what striving for better is all about. I can never thank them enough!

I hope that these photos (with more to come) will be a treasure to you - to look back at this moment in your lives, take a breath, and recall wonderful moments past...and those yet to come!

Thanks again, Flanders, for whisking me off to spend a couple of hours with you at beautiful Black Butte Ranch...all the way until the sun set. May you make wonderful memories this summer and always!


treadfamily said...

These look awesome. I think that they will be happy with these, they look beautiful. They are a great family!!

Tia Marie said...

Wonderful photos of some of my favorite people!!!