September 6, 2011

{Sneak Peek} Sweet Elyse

I always feel so honored to capture the littlest of the littles...newborn babes. With two older brothers, this baby girl is bound to learn to hold her own - yet - watch out, because they will also likely protect her like a pearl. She is so petite and lovely. This baby girl is plain blessed by such a wonderful family. Look for more of them soon, as the entire family is up next :)

A special thanks to Elyse's Mama, for being flexible and patient - and doing such a great job in learning how to dance to the "family of five" drum - you're amazing!


Diana said...

Once again, your pictures are astounding. It helps that you have a cute subject though.

Danielle said...

Tysha, these are the sweetest baby photos I've ever seen. I don't know this girl, but I think you've definitely captured her essence. BEAUTIFUL!