October 18, 2011

Sneak Peek: A Saturday Stroll in the Arboretum {Seattle Family Photographer}

I've seen this family every year since their eldest was just a year old. It is an annual tradition for someone to get wet, or so it seems. The first year, their son ended our session by walking on his knees into the Puget Sound. The next year, it was raining - so we dodged the rain and went indoors. Last year, we had to reschedule because the rain was pouring - and then it was still misty at our second meeting (we made it work with "natural" umbrellas). Well, this year was no exception. I had waded into the frog pond to take a couple of shots (one of which is the last image posted) and I immediately saw the envy in the littlest boys eyes (I'm sure you can see it to...the boys are looking at all that shiny water and those fun lily pads and not at the camera, but thus is life with little boys!) So, while we finished up with a few shots of just mom and dad - he took the plunge, quite literally. It will certainly be a day to remember! Thanks, Anderson Family, for your continual support. In spite of one wet toddler to end the session, the rest was just as memorable :)

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