November 1, 2011

{Sneek Peek} Lil' Darlin'

It was truly a pleasure to spend the morning with this lovely family. We started at their home in the brisk morning hours and then ended up at Capitol Hill's Volunteer Park - a GORGEOUS autumn day! This couple hail from Austin, TX, and I must say - if everyone in Austin is as fun and wonderful as they are - I'll move there in a heartbeat! (wink, wink!) Their sweet baby daughter was a complete doll - and I couldn't get over how they called her "lil' darlin'".  It melted my heart! It is such a joy to be able to work with great people - I always walk away feeling like I've made new friends. Thanks so much, Davis family, for the lovely morning. May you enjoy the holidays even more this year with your beautiful bundle of joy!

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allegra said...

Beautiful pics my friend! That is ONE cuuute baby!! When I was shopping with Hilary and U village, she bought that same dress for Mary.. I just love it!