June 21, 2012

She's Here!

Hazel Grace entered our world a little over a week ago. Words cannot express how happy I am that she is finally here! Her arrival makes my maternity leave for the summer official. Please note that I will return emails/inquiries - just at a slower pace for the next couple of months. Because of my break, fall is already looking to be very busy, so if you want on the books - it doesn't hurt to inquire early. Thanks to all my clients and friends for all of your love, patience, and support these past few months as I was pregnant, and the next few months as I take a break to adjust being Mama to three little ones. This job is such a joy to have, and little ones like these make capturing precious moments an honor more than just a job :)  Thank you, everyone!

1 comment:

Adam and Hilary said...

she's beautiful! congrats! it was so good to see you today!