about me

Me with my three children.

Simple. Natural. Genuine. 
And a bit nostalgic about the kid in me who has never completely grown up. That's me.

An aptitude test in high school suggested that the profession that would best suit me was Photography. If  I would have pursued it right then, I suppose I would've saved a lot of time. Then again, I would've missed out on an incredible journey which helped me develop and learn to "see" with different eyes. My journey included years of working with children as a nanny, counselor, and even as a child and family therapist (I have 3/4 of a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology - does that count?). I think the eyes I have developed along my journey are the ones I needed all along to truly appreciate this pursuit.

I have always had a love for Photography. However, like many who photograph children, it wasn't until I had my first child (and now I have three!) that I started to take it more seriously. I wanted to capture and keep each fleeting moment and bask in every tiny bit of him as his newborn state changed daily before my eyes.  As I pondered how I could keep him from growing up so fast, I contemplated one question in particular: how do you capture a life? My conclusion was that while words and deeds define a life, the way to capture it is through images. 

And so it is that my love of photography turned into a passionate endeavor. With the encouragement and support of my family and friends Little Red Wagon Photography was born. As the wistful name implies, this is a venture about capturing the little moments of life that will one day turn into the fondest of memories.

It is an honor and a pleasure to spend a little time with you and your family. Thank you for letting me catch a glimpse into your life by capturing a few of the joyful moments of you, and your most prized possessions: your loved ones and your little ones.

Tysha Carter